Legacy Mu Online - Beta / Launch Day

  After 5 days of beta testing, we will be closing the server today and deleting all accounts in order to be ready for tomorrow's launch. You will all have to create new accounts to play on saturday.


  It is safe to say that these 5 days have been amazing, we have done so much progress so much faster, everything is now ready thanks to the people who spend their time reporting and testing stuff for us. We will stay commited on having this great communication between the players and the staff always going on. It is the best way for all of us to evolve as a server.


  Even tho the beta testing period is over, you can still help us in a lot of very important ways and still get awesome rewards for doing so. We actually need your help on this. We have put our heart and soul into this project and will continue to do so, but is you, the players, the ones able to bring your friends or inviting them. We should all get involved if we do want a solid population online. We have done our part with the advertisement and spend a lot of money on that but your help is actually a lot more valuable and it will bring better results...


So, here is how you can help us on this and get rewarded :


Get credits for sharing on Facebook
Get free VIP status
Get WC for advertising on forums and groups

  21 / 10 / 2017

Open Beta Release

In order to have everything working perfectly for this saturday's launch. We are opening a private beta release for those players who wish to help us and have fun while doing so.

We will accept only 10 helpful players , they will be rewarded with 2 weeks of vip + a 7 day panda pet after server launches, however, their beta accounts will be deleted on the 21st We need people that can play for a few hours a day, willing to help out, report bugs, unbalances, make sugestions, help us advertise, etc. 


Enter here for more information on how to join :



Thanks ahead for everybody who joins. We will make this the best and most fun server out there :)

  16 / 10 / 2017

Legacy Mu Online Season 9 Episode 2

Legacy MU Online Grand Opening 21st October UTC+2 18:00


Legacy Mu online is bringing new unique low rate mu online server, for hard rate leveling fans. We are here to deliver best quality and high performance mu online server. Administration with more than 10 years experience in mmorpg development.


General Legacy Mu Online Information
*Version: Full Season 9 
*Experience: 40x 
*All Characters from level 1
*ML Experience: 20x
*Drop Rate: 30%
*Max Level: 400
*PPL: 5/7
*Bless Bug: Disabled
*Duel Damage: 60%

Full information about server configuration/events you can find - here


Server Features
*Webshop: Disabled (hot)
*Off Leveling: Enabled (hot)
*Reconnect: Enabled
*AutoParty: Enabled
*MuHelper: Enabled
*MuBot System: Enabled


LegacyMu Special Features
*Boss Of The Month (hot)
*Find The Key Event (hot)
*Mu Roomy Event
*Muun Rabbit Hunting
*Fireflame Ghost Event
*Fortune Pouch Event


Reset Information
*Reset Stats: Yes
*Reset Points: 500/600
*Max Reset: 25
*Max Grand Resets: 15
*Reset Reward: 10 Credits
*GR Reward: 500 Credits
*Reset Price: 3kk x reset count
*GR Points: 4000
*GR Price: 20kk x GR Count


Party Experience Bonus
*2 members in a party: -10% Experience
*3 members in a party: -5% Experience
*4 members in a party: +5% Experience
*5 members in a party: +10% Experience


Gens PvP Zones
*Atlans 1
*Kanturu 1
*Swamp of Calmness 


Item Mix Rates

  • Item +10 Mix Rate = 60%
  • Item +11 Mix Rate = 60%
  • Item +12 Mix Rate = 60%
  • Item +13 Mix Rate = 55%
  • Item +14 Mix Rate = 55%
  • Item +15 Mix Rate = 40%


  • Socket Item +10 Mix Rate = 40%
  • Socket Item +11 Mix Rate  = 40%
  • Socket Item +12 Mix Rate  = 40%
  • Socket Item +13 Mix Rate  = 35%
  • Socket Item +14 Mix Rate  = 35%
  • Socket Item +15 Mix Rate  = 30%


  • Pentagram +10 Mix Rate  = 40%
  • Pentagram +11 Mix Rate = 40%
  • Pentagram +12 Mix Rate = 40%
  • Pentagram +13 Mix Rate = 35%
  • Pentagram +14 Mix Rate = 35%
  • Pentagram +15 Mix Rate = 30%


Legacy Mu Online Wing Mix Rate

  • Level 2 Wings Max rate            = 70%
  • Level 2.5 Wings Max Rate        = 60%
  • Level 3 Wings Max Rate           = 40%
  • Level 3 Wing  Exe option rate  = 20%
  • Level 3 Wings luck rate             = 20%
  • CapeOfLordMixMaxRate          = 70%


Socket Weapon Mix Rate

  • Socket Weapon Mix Rate        = 40%
  17 / 10 / 2017
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